Supplies & Maintenance

Our commitment to the customer doesn't end when you take your machine to its new home. Pacific Sun Solutions offers a one year warranty on all machines and encourages you to extend coverage through a Maintenance Agreement.

Under a Maintenance Agreement, our well-trained service staff will perform regular inspections and maintenance to improve and extend the life of your machines. Parts and labor (excluding consumables) and emergency services are also covered. Don't let dirt and defect destroy your investment. Let your machine perform and last a long time.

We also carry certified supplies from the manufacturer.


  • ribbon cartridge

    Ribbon cartridge for TA typewriters

  • daisy wheel

    Daisy wheel

  • lift-off tape

    Lift-off tape

  • Olivetti PR2 Plus ribbon

    Olivetti PR2 Plus ribbon (pack of 5)

  • signature plate

    Signature plate

  • tri-color ink roller

    Tri-color ink roller

  • prefix plate

    Prefix plate

  • Olympia ribbon cartridge

    Olympia ribbon cartridge

  • Widmer S-3 ribbon spool

    Widmer S-3 ribbon spool

  • paper rolls

    Paper rolls