Office Equipment

Speed up your work with automatic paper folders, folder-inserters, typewriters, perforators, passbook printers, paper shredders, document signers, check writers, check signers and continuous form bursters.

Various Equipment

  • Olivetti PR2 Plus enlarge image

    Passbook Printers

    World leading brand of passbook printers

    • Printing speed at 560 cps (10 cpi)
    • Backlit dot matrix alphanumeric display
    • Ultra-fast alignment for improved performance
    • Extremely easy to use
  • SunTech ST-1000 enlarge image

    Manual Check Writers

    Securely embosses numbers on checks

    • Printed prefix and suffix, prevent addition of extra digits
    • Movable positioning bar to position the checks perfectly
    • Customizable currency wheel and prefix plate
  • Olympia Compact SDM enlarge image

    Electronic Typewriters

    Produces legible and neat writing

    • Pitch 10, 12, 15, PS
    • 45 keys / 100 Characters
    • Line spacing of 1, 1.5, 2
  • New Kon 10-905 enlarge image

    Electric Perforators

    Avoid internal office fraud

    • Perforate important documents by voiding or canceling
    • Mostly used with invoices, reimbursement forms, chits, deposit bank books, etc.
  • Widmer S-3 enlarge image

    Check Signers

    Automatic and secure check signing

    • Security Lock
    • Dual lock system
    • Removable die holder
    • Adjustable guide
  • Martin Yale 3000 enlarge image

    Paper Shredders

    Conveniently destroy private and confidential documents

    • Cross-cut or strip-cut
    • Auto-reverse function for easy removal of paper jams
    • Removable cash basket