Cash Handling

Pacific Sun was the first to bring US$ serial number printing to the Philippine Market.

Whether you're purchasing for a branch or a cash center, we can meet your needs with a wide range of products such as software, teller cash recycler, cash sorting machines, bill counters, coin counters, multi-currency serial number scanners, and counterfeit detectors.

Bill Counters & Scanners

  • SunTech SB-9 enlarge image

    Multi-currency Counters

    Most intelligent and reliable banknote counter

    • Multi-currency capability (USD, EURO, RMB YEN, PHP and other currencies)
    • Enhanced counterfeit detectors
    • Serial number printing
  • Plus P-106A enlarge image

    Medium Duty Bill Counters

    Durable and reliable volume cash counters

    • Capable of counting worn-out bills
    • Speed of up to 1,500 notes per minute
    • Detachable dust collector tray for easy cleaning and longer lasting machine life
  • SunTech ST-220 UV enlarge image

    Low Volume Bill Counters

    Saves time and improves work efficiency

    • 3 digit count display, 3 digit batch display
    • Alarm stop with error message code
    • Batch presetting and add counting
    • UV light sensor for counterfeit detection
  • Tay-Chian Technology TC-3500 enlarge image

    Vacuum Bill Counters

    Stamps finished batches after counting

    • Count at the speed of 1500, 1800 and 2400 notes per minute
    • Equipped with UV (fluorescent) sensor
    • Can count and detect counterfeit automatically
    • Shutter reduces dust and noise
  • SunTech ST-137 enlarge image

    UV Money Detectors

    Protect your business from counterfeit money

    • Strong UV light
    • Fine visual view
    • High-quality UV tube

Cash Sorting Machine

  • GRG CM100V enlarge image

    Compact Banknote Sorting Machine

    Ideal cash counting and sorting solution for banks

    • Value counting
    • Authentication
    • Fitness sorting
    • Denomination sorting
    • Orientation sorting
    • Version sorting
    • Serial number capturing
  • GRG CM400 enlarge image

    High Performance Banknote Sorting Machine

    Banknote sorting solution for cash center

    • Diversified banknote sorting schemes
    • Professional & comprehensive banknote detection technology
    • Innovative anti-static design
    • Optimum user experience
    • Easy maintenance
    • Sorting report management
    • Security solution

Teller Cash Recycler

  • Arca CM18 enlarge image

    Teller Cash Recycler

    The most advanced teller cash recycler in the world

    • Remote management options
    • Touch screen interface
    • Physical and logical security
    • Recycling - deposits and dispenses
    • Counting and sorting
    • Validation and fitness sorting

Coin Counters

  • Billcon Heavy Duty CHS-10 enlarge image

    High Speed Coin Counters

    For accurate, rapid and efficient coin counting

    • Count at the speed of 4,000 coins per minute
    • Hopper capacity of 10,000 coins
    • Four easily selectable preset batches
    • Heavy duty mechanism
  • Billcon Heavy Duty HCS-3500 AH enlarge image

    Heavy Duty Coin Counters

    With motorized hopper

    • Count at the speed of 2,500 coins per minute
    • Hopper capacity of 18,000 coins
    • Can count and sort worldwide coins and tokens
  • Billcon Medium Duty HCS-3300 enlarge image

    Medium Duty Coin Counters

    Count and sort coins and token

    • Count at the speed of 2,300 coins per minute
    • Hopper capacity of 12,000 coins
    • Programmable and preset bag stops
    • Seven (7) digit display